Bienvenido a Miami

A new spin-off of the hit television show “Dance Moms” premiered on Lifetime this Tuesday. Aptly named “Dance Moms: Miami”, the show follows the moms and kids of Stars Dance Studio and its instructors, Victor Smalley and Angel Armas.

And FYI, Lifetime, I was secretly hoping that you would use Will’s song at least once in the first episode…Thanks for a great song anyway, Will.

I had been looking forward to the premiere of the show ever since I saw the teaser commericals on Lifetime. Every time one came on, I got real giddy.

Those dancers look LEGIT, amiright?

Well, the show came and went and I have to say: the jury is still out. I can’t decide if I’ll continue to watch…or find another ridiculous show to watch on the telly.

There are things that I really enjoy about it:

Such style and hair volume…

1. There is a BOY! Not lame-Justice-from Candy-Apple’s-boy…but super-legit-I’m-actually-good-at-dancing-boy. I feel a certain fondness for the kid…it may be because we are name twins. It must be fate.

2. Victor Smalley’s hair. It is so edgy. I think I have hair envy.

3. The instructors actually dance…well, from the looks of it so far, Victor at least. No offense, Abby, but I have never understood how you can run a dance studio if you have never danced before….

4. “The List”. At least with Abby’s “Pyramid” there were multiple people on each ‘level’ to give kids a better visual when seeing their picture NOT at the top. But on this list, you know EXACTLY where you stand. Wah-wah to the kid on the bottom. Fo’ sheezy.

What unlucky sucker is it this time?

And, there are things that I don’t like:

Bias. Srsly.

1. The moms. I like that the moms in the original series are friends frenemies. They would have their squabbles with each other, but the bulk of the drama was directed toward Abby’s INSANE treatment human beings. These new moms are obnoxiously vicious. Gross. (Not to mention how braggy they were to each to other. You only need one of those per show…*ahem, Jill.) The producers of the show needed to cast some drama moms to make up for the fact that the instructors are…


2. not Abby. I enjoyed seeing Victor and Angel set high expectations for their kids without being demeaning. I think it is a better approach to teaching than Abby’s. HOWEVER, the reason that I love “Dance Moms” so much is because of how outrageous Abby really is. If I don’t hear her voice give out at least once in the episode, I turn the channel.

3. I want my combination turns. Don’t get me wrong, I love that these new kids have some MAD flexibility tricks. But, it seemed like a lot of their dances involved highlighting their ability to extend their legs over their heads in a variety of different positions. I mean, it is pretty redonkulous that they can do that…but I do enjoy a little more substance to dances that impressive leg tricks. Just sayin’…

All in all, this needs more investigation before I make my final decision. And, I realize that the show probably stands on its own more than anything. If it were a more carbon copy of the original series, it would definitely fail. I’ll continue watching…for now.


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